Emily's April Inspiration 'Happy Anniversary, Santa Fe'

Happy Anniversary, Santa Fe. It was seven years ago this April, I packed up my blue bug and drove from Los Feliz, CA to here. My story, like many other souls drawn to high desert, pushed by grace into the vortex of this very city different, was I was single. Disillusioned by career, love... Los Angeles and I were never friends, and I was fine with leaving her, but Santa Fe... she and I stay tight. And I've been blessed. Been most embraced by a loving and diverse community of students, friends, mentors, and local characters who inspire me. West San Francisco Street: my boots still love the feel of you beneath them. Lensic and La Posada lounge: you never bore me. Santa Fe sky: You still inspire me everyday, like the first day - I could have sworn someone painted it.


And who knew you could have a career in Hollywood, driving out to the middle of nowhere desert to audition for some of best cable shows ever? Ironically, it was in New Mexico I proudly joined SAG-AFTRA , and a year later, the WGA. I have managed to jet into LA comfortably direct, and be back by week's end driving 25 North up to a town I couldn't be more proud to live and work in. My blue bug's older, but her tire rims still scream red, and the Zozobra license plate still stop tourists to point it out. On any given night I can choose to hang out under the stars, or out to Cowgirl to catch some of the best Bluegrass/Americana sound around. I can catch the ballet, eat tapas, head to a meditation class, attend a gallery opening...and in any spot commune with brightly colored, like-minded souls.


To my students here, you have made me the teacher I am today. You have laughed with me, sweated, practiced, and taught me - more than you know. Thank you, family... To my friends, the ones who came and went, and for those of you still feeding me organic garden meals: my heart swells. To the mountains, and stunning, ever-changing light: you have made me a better artist. On Guadalupe, walking out of Clafoutis, satiated last Saturday by morning eggs and French pastries, we ran into Bill Hearne. An icon among old-school, Santa Fe talent who chose a life lived here. He's still kicking it, stood and listened to us a share a memory of him playing over the plaza, one summer night. He had all the time in the world, and sure thanked us for listening... God Bless you, my city different.